AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract)

SUHAILCOMPUTERS extends maintenance contract support for all their services for existing and new customers even where the installation not necessarily done by the company. The separate services division at SUHAIL equipped to attend a service call promptly and effectively as SUHAIL gives paramount value for customer support.

And we agrees to provide the following services under this agreement to keep the system in good working order, save for circumstances beyond the control of SUHAIL.
Annual maintenance contract terms and condition for

  • IT Infrastrure (Data centre).
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Biometric & Access Control
  • Video Door Phone (VDP)
  • PA Systems & Audio Conference
  • Wireless Access Point & P2P RF

The Annual Maintenance Contract Shall Be Non-Comprehensive and Includes Repairing and Services of All Hardware Including All the Materials

Payment Terms

The AMC amount shall be paid in one instalment, on date of the commencement of the contract.

PAYMENT TERMS FOR MAINTANANCE (AMC) 100% Advance At Contract Start Level
CHARGE PER ANNUM Depending upon the No’s of Components
The AMC Cost Excludes Service Tax Charged By State or Central Government for Rendering This Type of Service

General Terms and Conditions:-

1.Period of the contract is mentioned and specify on the annual maintenance agreement.
2.The customer shall be responsible for providing proper power source to the equipment’s.
3.This contract is not covered if equipment’s are burnt due any reason. contract is not covered if any intentional/unintentional physical damage is cause to the equipment’s. Contract does not covered misuse, abuse and force major condition like earthquakes, floods, lightning, etc. strikes and other social disturbances.
4.The AMC agreement shall not cover any kind of penalty.
5.In case of any dispute regarding the AMC contract the decision will be taking by both the parties and GENIUS will be the final.
6.If any product goes on repairing so instead of that genius do not provide any product in the exchange of that.
7.The problem will be solving within 48 working hours from the time of complaint.
8.Complaint will be received by email with detail (like bio metric device number, place etc.) On ( only genius does not cover any hardware components during the service contract.
9.This annual maintenance contract does not include shifting and reinstallation of equipment.
10.This AMC does not include shifting and reinstallation of the application on other machines however reinstallation of the application software / hardware, if supplied by us will be governed by our offer as above.
11.If full and final amount of the invoice & AMC are not received, we do not provide warranty of goods, services, etc. & services will be chargeable in advance.
12.AMC contract is not covered public & national holidays.
13.All payments through cheques must be made in favour of “GREEN ENERGY AND NETWORKING INFRA UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS”
14.Also credit and debit card will be accepted.